Wednesday, 23 May 2012


I thought I should start by sharing some fun point form facts about our family. Here goes:

  • I am 25 years old, my Husband is 32. We have three children, ages five, four and six months old.
  • We do not consume or use any products that involve harm to any animals in any way. This means we do not eat meat, fish, dairy, eggs and we do not use products that were tested on animals as much as we can help it. Also, we will not wear fur or leather.
  • We are free loaders on the system. This is not something that we are proud of or ashamed of, it just is what it is. Jobs are difficult to come by, and even our local temp services do not have jobs available. It's a tough economy.
  • We use cloth diapers for our 6 month old son, and exclusively breastfeed (with the occasional taste of fruit puree).
  • We plan to homeschool our children but have not yet started. We feel our children (especially the five year old) need the social boost and social dynamics that school can provide. This September or next we will start homeschooling. However, any day that the children are not in school is a homeschool day.
  • We are pretty sure our five year old son has aspergers. This provides many challenges for our entire family, our son included! Aspergers is a form of high functioning autism. It is not visible, and most people don't pick up on it unless they spend a long time around said person with aspergers. Have you ever seen the show Parenthood? Max, a young boy character, has it. So does Sheldon on Big Bang Theory. To sum it up in a few words; extreme sensory issues leading to sensory overload. Also socialization can be an issue, but most children/people with aspergers are above average in intelligence.
  • My husband and I enjoy playing DAOC (Dark Age Of Camelot) in the evenings when he is not doing school work and the children are sleeping. I play it almost nightly, it gives me a nice escape from the daily trials of life. It's an RPG MMO (Role Playing Game, Massive Multiplayer Online). Basically I get to play an Ogre, Troll, Briton, Elf, etc with the occupation of Wizard, Necromancer, etc. You run around with people from all over the world and work as a team to blast the other guys over and over again. You do quests, collect items, make armor.. I'm a dork.
  • We started a vegetable garden in our apartment buildings back yard. We have very few things growing thus far, but have planted tomatoes, scarlet runner beans, radishes, carrots, strawberries, blueberries and raspberries. On our balcony we have started lettuce, chives, watermelon, canteloupe, spinach, all kinds of herbs (basil, rosemary, cilantro) even broccoli. FYI - I do NOT have a green thumb. A Christmas Cactus perished in my care last year. I had it for three months.
Now that you know a wee bit about us, I would like to welcome you to follow our journey. Life is an experiment and you really have to keep trying new things until you find what works for you. For a long time I let life carry me away from it all, leading to over spending, lack of scheduling, rarely cooking, letting the housework slide, and so on while trying to scramble from one event (swimming lessons) to the next (communications workshop).

With this blog you hold me accountable to be the best I can possibly be. I have set goals for my family and for myself. We will further reduce our consumption, budget our groceries and stop ordering pizza, plan out our days to include time for being at home and tidying up. Aside from those goals there are more, such as getting myself into tip-top shape.

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