Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Cookbook Review!

Yesterday I enthusiastically travelled to our local library to pick up my books "on hold." I couldn't wait to pick up The Vegan Slow Cooker by Kathy Hester and start flipping through it right away! Seriously, this book did not even make it into my book bag.

My first impression was how beautiful the pictures are. My mouth was watering already! My eye caught on a few recipes as I skimmed the pages, including the Subtly Spicy Peanut Coconut Fondue. The next thing I noticed was breads, brownies, and even pizza. In a slow cooker! Who knew?

I love that each page has a label of gluten free or soy free under the title of the recipe. That really simplifies everything for us, since we are cooking all gluten free foods now and prefer to avoid soy when possible. The recipes in The Vegan Slow Cooker are simple, hearty, do not take much time or preparation to make, and because there are very little processed foods the ingredients are cheap to buy! Big bonus for my family, being on such a tight budget. 

Basically, I LOVE this book. It is easy to follow, it is gorgeous and mouthwatering. Really, you can NOT go wrong with this one. It works for all seasons, and is essential for the busy parent or working vegan. But don't feel that you have to be vegan to enjoy it, with these scrumptious recipes anybody can indulge!

I really want to try making the Split Pea And Apple Soup for my Mom, who loves the stuff (though I bet she's never had it with apple!) and the Citrus Rum BBQ Sauce. I know my husband will be waiting in great anticipation for that peanut coconut fondue.

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