Friday, 30 November 2012

Diaper Review and Upcoming Giveaway!

Lately I have been on the hunt for some new cloth diapers. Wee piglet seems to be terribly hard on the ones that were passed down to us, and they just do not cut it. The elastics on the legs are shot, the pocket no longer has working elastic, the snaps are falling off, the velcroe no longer sticks, they are leak-proof no more and the fit is all wrong.

We were down to the wire, only four truly workable diapers left. Of course, we're making do until our diaper shipment comes in but those precious few that are left we save for bedtime ONLY.

I recently sampled a Comfy Rumps diaper, and I'll tell you what I thought.

The very absolute first thing I noticed was of course the super cute pattern! We now call it our "Moo Diaper." Wee Piglet is already trying to say "Mooo" everytime we get it prepped for wearing.

The fabric is super soft, and this diaper reminds me a lot of the Alva Baby diapers. Though the snap design is unique to all of the other diapers that we currently own.

I quite enjoy the way that this diaper snaps up, because I can do it up snug around the waist and the single lower snap makes the Comfy Rumps diaper more custom fit than some others. So once I finished oogling the "Mooo" print, caressing the material, and snapping the diaper in place we put it through the (big scary announcer voice here) ultimate diaper test!

Which really just means that Wee Piglet wore his Comfy Rumps diaper to bed! And would you believe it? NO LEAKS! Thank you, Comfy Rumps, for keeping my sheets dry at night.

Within the next week I will be posting a Comfy Rumps giveaway, so come back often!

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