Friday, 1 June 2012


*sigh* There's nothing like a huge dent in your account that comes from buying food. I can break down our grocery list for you, but do not judge. Until you are a vegan family of five who is trying to buy gluten-free products for your son that also has sensory issues and a daughter close enough in age that you have to get them both the same things to make it fair, you can not fully comprehend the challenge that this becomes. So we do buy some packaged junk, and for now that is okay with me.

Our grocery budget per week currently is $175, though this week I went well over that. Let me break it down for you now.

2 packages of applesauce (6 packs) $3.98
2 cartons Coconut Dream "milk" $5.98
2 Gardien products (beefless tips and crispy tenders) $8.58
2 packages Enjoy Life chocolate chips $7.98
3 cans beets $5.97
1 box Earths Best Organic letter cookies $1.99
2 packages low-salt organic vegetable boullion cubes $4.48
5 packages Mr. Noodles (vegetable) $1.95
2 cans mushroom gravy $2.78
1 large carton coconut water $5.99
2 juice box cartons coconut water $7.98
1 package shredded coconut $3.29
1 package mini chef raisons (14 snack boxes) $2.79
1 package sea salt rice crackers $1.99
1 package sweet chili rice crackers $1.99
1 jar toasted sesame salad dressing $2.99
1 huge box fruit leathers $19.99
1 jar sweet and sour plum sauce $2.99
1 tube cruelty free childrens toothpaste $4.99
1 package Daiya "cheese" shreds $5.29
1 more package Daiya "cheese" shreds $5.29
1 package garlic hummus $4.49
1 package topped hummus $4.29

1 bunch dill $1.99
1 lb organic kiwi $3.69
1 head iceberg lettuce $1.99
4 mangoes $5.00
3 lb yellow onion $1.79
2 bins green seedless grapes organic $11.98
1 pint organic strawberries $3.49
4 discounted sweet yellow peppers $8.45
1 pint organic raspberries $6.98
0.715 kg roma tomatoes $1.56
3 large watermelons $11.97
1 large box baby wipes $12.99

With taxes and all the total is..(drum roll please) $196.71

PHEW. As you can see there was a lot of "other" items there like baby wipes, tooth paste and condiments (that we rarely buy, but in the interest of getting our son to eat more food it was time). Might I also add that many of these items were "one time only" items as a special treat (the coconut water!). Before I left for groceries today I sat down with him, and we made a list of foods he will eat and foods he won't eat. That list can go on the fridge, to make it more convenient when we are trying to come up with meal or snack ideas. Frankly I'm at a point in our lives where I'm ready to throw my hands up in the air and say "whatever will be, will be..."

This grocery list also does not include a few others that we need to buy, such as a box of banana's (around $28), a box of oranges, and a fruit platter ($15) for our wonderful daughters fourth birthday party tomorrow. Oh, and add on $20 to the above total for cash back so that I could take a cab ride home. There is NO WAY I could have carried all of that on the bus.

Next weeks groceries will be much, much different. Many things on this list will not be needed for at least two weeks, and we will be going to the market with the wee ones. Stay tuned for a blog on the market experience next weekend, as it should be quite interesting to see what our children will do with our game plan.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have a nice big bunch of raspberries to tackle right before diving into a sea of watermelon.

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