Friday, 22 June 2012

Money Saving Tip One

As promised I will be sharing money saving tips on my blog, sometimes mixed in with regular bloggy messages. Here is your first tip.

Use what is available to you! These days, there is zero reason to have cable or satellite T.V.
Most people live in an area that has a local library. Surprisingly to some, most libraries carry more than just books. They also have DVD's and CD's available to borrow. ABSOLUTELY FREE. Well, as long as you turn them in on time, that is. And unlike renting a movie where you have to take it back the next day after paying almost $5 for one rental, you get to keep the movie for an entire seven days. If you check your local libraries website, I bet you will even find a lot of new releases. So, between movies, books and music you can be entertained for quite a while at no cost.

And don't forget about that thing you are currently staring at, your computer. While libraries don't carry a lot of seasonal T.V. shows, your computer probably does. Sometimes it can take a lot of digging around to find a website that carries the show you want, especially if you are in Canada, but start with the network channel that the show is hosted on.

If all else fails, find another way. You can set up a movie swap with your friends and family or find a friend who enjoys the same shows you do and make a mini party out of it (just bring some appetizers!). Cable and Satellite T.V. can be very costly, and this is just one simple way to cut out that cost by 100%.

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