Monday, 18 June 2012

Vegan in Season

This past Saturday we finally had a chance to go to the local market as a family. It was a wonderful experience!!

We started out by giving the kids each $10 that they could spend, and circling the outside vendors. There were a lot of different veggies, things like honey and goats milk, homemade jams and sauces, even apple cider!

I asked our two wee ones to decide what they wanted before they bought it. Rhylie (our four year old daughter) chose Strawberries. Oh my, the air smelled so rich of strawberries I wanted to make myself a bath of them. It was delightful! She paid $4 for her quart and carried them in her own special bag. I also bought three quarts at $4 a piece. Our son, Kairan (he is 5) decided that he would like some bell peppers. Six of them, to be exact! He chose a good variety of colours, as only he would.

It was really nice to buy local food, knowing that it did not have to travel half way across the world and that the packaging was minimal to nil. However, many of the produce is sprayed. I will try to break down what everybody bought, but I do not know the cost of hubby's purchases. It was a nice experience and I can not wait to go back next Saturday and restock. Only this time, we'll be buying a flat of strawberries.. because all four quarts are already gone and it is only Monday.

Rhylie's Purchases:
1 quart strawberries $4
1 bunch bananas (just over 2 lbs) $1.75
1 beaded bracelet $2
1 bag of dill pickle peanuts to snack on $3 (we added $1 to her purchases for her).

Kairan's Purchases:
6 bell peppers $6
1 zipper pull (for his backpack) $2
1 bag of dill pickle peanuts for snacking $3 (again, threw in an extra $1).

My Purchases:
3 quarts strawberries $12
1 head lettuce $1.50
2 plants (thai basil and 4 banana pepper plants for fathers day) $2
1 jar hot sauce (for fathers day) $7
2 bags apples (20 lbs) $7
1 (with 4) bell pepper plants $2

Hubby's Purchases:
1 bunch of garlic (about 5 clusters) $2
3 bottles of water $3
1 container of soup (indian tomato grapefruit) $7
1 container hummus (chipotle) (with the salsa, $9)
1 container salsa (black bean chipotle)
1 tomato plant $5
1 dill plant $1.50

So in total, we spent $80.75 and I purchased food for our family of five, a fathers day gift for my Dad, and sustainable food sources that will continue to give over the course of summer.

The kids really enjoyed the freedom and independence of buying their own food. When they brought home their purchases Kairan and Rhylie's faces were lit with pride and excitement. That pride extended to us, their parents, at having been a part of that experience and by how well our day went because of it. Those little things often matter the most, so it is very important to cherish every precious moment you have with your children. Soon they will be at the market, buying their very own groceries for their very own households. For now, I'm happy to hold their hand while they ask vendors all manner of questions.

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