Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Food Fears

I need to say this first and foremost. I retract what I said about Soy. Well, not really what I said, but the impression that I gave. Yes, soy milk is less hormone laden than cows milk. It's not even the soy itself that I'm worried about. It's the tampering.

I'm reading further, and have realized that nothing is safe. Monsanto is destroying all of our food and I am afraid to feed my family anything. At least, not unless it comes with an organic label.

So here's the thing. I've learned that corn is almost all GMO. They've put insecticides and pesticides IN the corns every single cell. So as the seeds grow, these pesticides are released to kill off worms that attack corn specifically. You can bet that every kernel of corn you chomp into is releasing a squirt of corny pesticide juices. YUCK and RUN AWAAAAY!

It's not just corn, it's soy, potatoes, dairy, tomatoes.. the list goes on. So now I sit here, looking at my corn based chips and corn infused salsa, thinking where do I go from here? The first step is informing the public (thats you!). The next step is cleaning house. But you have to be so careful, because they hide corn in everything. They hide soy in everything. This post has to be short, because I only a few scant minutes of peace before all hell breaks loose and children come bursting through the door with their Daddy. But please, do some research on your own terms. Monsanto is a terrifying company, who is in cahoots with the governments, and it all comes to money. I do not earn anything from writing this blog, I have nothing to gain. Here I am, just a humble Mamma of three beautiful children, telling you that you need to be afraid. Then, you need to empower yourself.

Quick Facts:
Monsanto started out by making Round Up
They can shut down a farmers field for their seeds blowing onto his yard and growing.
You only use seeds from Monsanto for one year, or they can sue you.
The seeds have to be bought new each year for use.

The chemicals that they put in food, including baby and toddler formulas, have never been tested. We, the people, are a living experiment. Sound extreme? It is. But it is also the truth. Honestly, I'm a little afraid to post the information here on my blog. Especially now that so much of what we put on the good old internet is being monitored so closely. Read the book "The Unhealthy Truth" by Robyn O'Brien. I am filled with remorse at what my children have been eating. Can I change it for them? I will do everything I can. It's time for all of us to pull up our big girl pants and stop fearing everything. We fear society, media, our friends, our neighbours, our parents, the authorities. STOP IT. Even while you are shaking in your boots, you need to stand up and shout. Be heard. End the madness, be willing to stand alone to protect yourself and your family.

I don't even want to consider what will happen to this world if we don't.

Monsanto in Canada  <----- They have everything to gain...

Our children, have everything to lose.

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