Thursday, 26 July 2012


Rant Incoming!!

**WARNING** Mildly Graphic Images! Honesty! Viewer Discretion Advised!

I am so darn tired of hearing people say "oh, who could do that to a poor, innocent animal?"

On facebook, or the news, or in the paper. Often there are images of abandoned starving cats, a duck that some fool decided to beat and torture for the fun of it, a puppy mill where dogs are crammed into cages so tight they can't move. The general public sees these photo's as horrific! And they are. But they will look at these images, with their side shocked eyes, and say "I can't believe some awful human would do such a thing! How terrible!" A tear starts to slide down their cheek, or their eyes water - as they take a bite of their

Double Bacon..



Are you kidding me?! Look at yourself! Look at your plate! Put down those knives, open your heart and your mind. Stop living in a world of rainbows and take some damn responsibility for your actions, people!

Lets take a minute and do a comparison..

That beaten and tortured duck..?
Somebody came to save...

But this other one. This one was tortured too. But there's nobody to save him. Because he is "food" (fois gras).

The puppy mills that the media goes crazy over. How is this..

 different from this?
(battery hens - the egg industry)

How is this..

So much worse, than this?
(veal calf)

The next time you say that you LOVE animals, and that you are against animal cruelty, MEAN IT. And don't just sit idly by, "liking" images or posts on facebook, reading blogs, etc. EDUCATE. Give yourself the knowledge you need to change your lifestyle. Give others the knowledge they need to come to a larger understanding. As a whole, united, we can affect the circumstances. We can create change, a movement. But I can't do it alone. Neither can my family, or the vegan community that I already belong to. We need more people. We need you to wake up and open your eyes and really KNOW WHAT IT MEANS to cherrish all life.

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