Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Sticky Business

This past two weeks I have been striving to become a gluten free, dye free, animal by-product free (done), sugar free, preservative free, not made from scratch free family.

I bought all of the ingredients needed to make my own salsa, tomato sauce, soups, bean dips, and so on. Seriously stocked up our fridge. I have also been trying to go fat free/oil free.

If it sounds hard, it is. If it sounds limiting, sometimes I feel like it is! The hardest part is converting our children away from the foods that they are so used to getting. The very foods that are making them sick.

When I look at them and I see gold in their eyes, I know that this is the right decision.
When I look at them and see dark circles under their eyes, I know that this is the right decision.
When they complain of a head ache, or a tummy ache, or sore legs, or a rash, or stuffy noses - I KNOW that this is the right decision.

"The first day after taking Tory to the doctor, all I kept thinking was "What has changed in our food that has made it so dangerous?" This question has led me to some unsettling answers and disturbing new questions, which I'll take up in the rest of this book. I have to admit, they were things that I didn't really want to know. But when I looked at my four little kids that day, I realized that the risk of not knowing far outweighed any fear of what I might find out."  - Robyn O'Brien "The Unhealthy Truth"

Exactly! This book of Robyn O'Briens that I am reading is phenomenal. While I have a hard time with the "tone of voice" that she uses (I find it a bit choppy) it is a wealth of knowledge of real life experiences and three years of vigerous research from one woman to a another. She is a Mom of four, not a scientist. And I quite like that.

But, have you seen our weather report?! All this time, preparing to do better, and I can't seem to manage it. The heat is making me dizzy! Nevermind washing a bunch of dirty dishes and cooking a meal from scratch. If that sounds lazy, I don't give a rat patootie! With the humidity here, our temperature is 46 degrees celcius (aka 115 degrees farenheit.. aka, sweltering!). So shoot me. The longer I put it off, the worse the foods we are eating will be affecting our children and ourselves. You are 100% absolutely right. Maybe you have central air or air conditioning. We have one fan, smaller around than a frisbee, that stands on top of our television. We are on the third floor of an apartment building. We are HOT. And sticky. I would rather feed my children foods that are quick and easy right now, than be in the hospital with them from heat stroke because we've had the oven/stove on all day.

So we will get there, one baby step after another. In the meantime, I will continue to learn, to research, and to read this book by Robyn O'Brien. Thanks for looking out, one Mamma to another.

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