Friday, 3 May 2013

Of Sun and Misery

I love the sun. I love it so much, that I dance every time it is out to play. Unfortunately, my skin does not. On this particular day I have had too much sun, and am starting to feel as though my body has been poisoned. Aside from becoming sick and dizzy, my skin breaks out in these little bumps or sometimes patches that feel like thousands of insects are stinging me. All. Day. Long.

But stubborn me who enjoys nature so much desperately wanted to reconnect. I set out with the stroller ahead of me in a long (what I would call) cargo jacket, and anytime I was in the suns rays I simply put up my hood. Oh the stares! I could see people sitting on benches ahead of me around the river. Those people whispered, pointed, and stared the entire three whole minutes it took me to reach them, then tried to be polite and smile at me like I didn't know.

Yes, it's 20 degrees Celsius out and I am walking around in a long coat, jeans and my hood is up. What gives these people the right to judge others anyway? I thought as a society we promoted diversity as having a great value. I didn't realise that the value that was so great is entertainment and criticism.

So the next time you see somebody walking down the street and you think they might be a little bit strange, ask yourself why. After all, it is that "strange" person that is daring to be different. Is different a bad thing? A lot of people seem to think so. The thing is, we are all the same physiologically and we all have battles to face. Dare to be different. Think outside the box. Please always remember that each and every individual has reasons to their every behaviour and style choices. Maybe it's really not that strange after all.

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