Friday, 12 April 2013

The Night I Burned The Rice

Today my ex is moving out. I consider this day to be the beginning of the end. It is the start in a long process of changing addresses, bank appointments, custody and support agreements, and more. It is the end of a relationship past it's expiry date.

More than all of that though, today is the beginning of something new. A life on my own full of courage and strength, tears and lonely nights. What a mix of emotions this day brings! I am excited for this life change, but I'm bummed at what might have been. Tonight for the first time in many years I will be completely alone in the sense of not having a man around.

My heart is bruised and battered, as all the hurts from seven long years catch up to me. I'm amazed at how willingly we sometimes blind ourselves to our own pain, for the sake of the bigger picture.

As his stuff slowly disappears from my hallway, I feel renewed. With every box that goes I breathe a little bit easier.

On a side note, I was being very clever tonight and decided to throw an extra cup of rice in the pot to help myself out for a meal tomorrow. Apparently, rice cooks faster the more you add because it's all burnt! I'll forever remember this day by the night I burnt the rice.

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  1. Good for you! Sorry about the rice. Well, I'm sorry about your emotional wounds too....but know that you'll be okay.