Friday, 31 August 2012

Foodie PenPal Reveal

I really wasn't sure what to write today, about this lovely package sent to me a few weeks ago. It was sent to me by Stephanie,  from Toronto, ON.

My package contains a lot of goodies, including:

Sprouting Alfalfa Seeds
Miso Soup
Ebar Organic Fruit Bar
Sasha Co Buckwheat Snack

It also came with this sweet little recipe card, with a recipe for Spanish Tomato Toast on the back and a message inside:

(I apologize for the picture quality)

Stephanie writes that a good friend of hers used to work in the health food store here, close by. This bit of news was a little exciting, since we visit said health food store at least two or more times a week. In fact, it is where I made all of my purchases to my foodie penpal, including SaviSeeds! How coincidental. :)

I have to try sprouting those alfalfa seeds! And as I'm sure you can see in the picture, the Buckwheat Snack did not last. Nope, it was surprisingly delicious, and even my super (food difficult) children gobbled it up. I will be buying some in the future!

As this was only my first month, I really look forward to next months Foodie Penpal package.
If you want more information on Foodie PenPals and how you can participate, click HERE

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