Saturday, 25 August 2012

Potluck In The Park

Yep, it's that time again already!

Tomorrow, we are having a potluck at the park. This time it's going to be even smaller than last time, which is pretty small. But I at least know I'll be in great company again.

My five year old son made some wicked hummus, my four year old daughter made chocolate pudding, and I'm going to make a cucumber salad. Hubby is insisting on making something too, but I told him I think we already have enough. I'm waiting in anticipation to see what he can come up with based on the foods we currently have in the house!

I've also heard whispers that there will be Indian food, Cheesecake, and GF (Gluten Free) Noodle Salad! Just thinking about all of the food is making my mouth water. I will get to enjoy a wonderful sunny day with good friends, brought together by compassion, mutual friendships, and great food. What more can a lady ask for?

I'm really looking forward to future gatherings of my earthly friends. Please, if ever you want to join us, just post in the comments with your email address and I will definately get back to you right away! You can also join my facebook page, Peace and Love Advocate: Peace & Love Advocate - Facebook


  1. Thank you Jasmin! It's nice to know I have more than close friends reading my posts. :) Thanks for shouting out.