Monday, 27 August 2012


Yesterday was completely amazing! Spending time with compassionate friends, it was as relaxing as a vacation. The kids had fun running through pathways, playing at the park, and devouring my good friends Chocolate Chip Cheesecake. I really enjoyed dessert and the Chana Masala. The conversation was easy going but also intellectual and it was great to bounce my ideas off my friends. The sun was shining, everybody was happy, the food was killer. Vegan potlucks are MUST DO. Seriously, if you have not attended one, put it on your bucket list. Here are some snapshots just for you..

The food was incredible!

 We had an unexpected visitor. Our little friend almost climbed right up my leg! He/she had the opportunity to share our abundance of food on the "food table" (we wouldn't have stopped him/her) but it decided not to after standing up to the table and sniffing around.

Never doubt that a potluck will not be full of good conversation.

We did this same picture two years ago.

Sinful; Coffee and Left-Over Cheesecake.

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