Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Mofo Picture Post!

 To make my absence up to you, today I will be doing a post of tons of yummy vegan eats that I have photographed over the past four years. Are you ready? You'd better be.

I would also like to say, thank you for your patience. This transition into single motherhood hasn't been an easy one, but I am slowly beginning to pick up the pieces.
Thanksgiving 2011

Garden Harvest 2012

Briefly fruity 2011

October salad 2011

Fruity smoothie

Farm share basket.

I made this huge vegan cake in 2010 for my Mom, a cake baker hobbyist.

My daughter 2009.

Lovely kiwi tomato salad 2012.

Pumpkin carving 2011.

Vegan potluck 2012

Vegan potluck 2012

Vegan potluck 2012

Salad bowl 2013

Stinky feet potatoes 2012

Vegan potluck 2012

Vegan potluck 2012

Vegan potluck 2012

Vegan magician hat birthday cake 2012

Chips n' chili 2012

Fruit strawberry smoothie 2011

Favorite raw meal 2011

Picnic in the woods 2012

Black bean brownies 2012

Before you go, check out my friends cloth diapers! She makes them from home and makes them from the heart. She currently has a great auction going on a beautiful Princess diaper! Cloth is so much more economically friendly than disposables, is more comfortable and healthy for baby's bottom and in the grand overall cost can save you a lot of money.

Peep.Ooie Cloth Diapers Etsy

Peep.Ooie Cloth Diapers Facebook

Peep.Ooie Blog!

My little guy showing off his Peep.Ooie Cloth Diaper.

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