Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Vegan Mofo: Two Lunches and a Tin Box

It's Wednesday! Last night before bed I put together two different lunches for my little big kids. Usually I try to make them as similar as I can, but my little big boy was sick for a few days, and I want him to go easy at school today. 

For my little big girl, I made a sandwich with daiya cheese, olives, and I sliced some zucchini very thin. She has orange slices in the yellow container, grapes and raspberries, gluten free animal crackers, and an applesauce. 

For my little big boy, you can see another sandwich (the same as above), grapes, gluten free animal crackers and an apple. After this picture I also tossed in an applesauce for good measure. His appetite is still very small, but he is on the mend from a nasty flu. 

I also thought it would be a good chance to give you a quick demo on this lunch container I found at my local health food store. So, this part fits into the bottom just like this...

Then the lid..

Push up the little clips on the side to hold it all together..

And you're set! It also came with a smaller tin to fit inside for things like hummus. As you can see, it has had some beatings. I'm sure my children who like to hit things with wooden spoons and sit on random objects would know nothing about this, though. 

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