Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Vegan Mofo: It's getting "Chili" again..

While the days are nice and hot, the early morning is freezing cold. As soon as those autumn leaves begin to show their true colors, I get the itch for soups, stews and chili. So for a while now, I've been wanting to make an all-vegetable chili. The problem is, I only have two electrical outlets in my kitchen. One for the fridge, and one above the counter. The one above the counter is temperamental, and no amount of bribing will convince it to give me power. Blame it on the blendtec, or ancient style wiring. There are actually two safety buttons on it that click in, but only one at any given time. I am beginning to think there is a special code or pattern that unlocks the power within. 

So after much fiddling, and waiting, I took charge and plugged my small crock pot into the outlet on my stove. What else is a girl to do?

chopped small eggplant

cut a small section of zucchini and chop it
(this is old-man zucchini, grown with care in an old-mans garden - you 
might not be able to find such a rare kind in your location)

 dice a sexy sweet red pepper

bite into an apple before you dive into the sexy red 
pepper instead of using it in the chili

 chop a vibrant acorn squash

but peel it first, unless you don't have to 

 plus one can of chopped tomatoes, some tomato paste, one chopped
 onion, a couple cloves of chopped garlic and chili powder to taste

Now about the squash. I peeled mine, and always do but every squash I have met is a brute to work with. So I don't know, do you have to peel a squash? Comment below and tell me what you do with your squash.

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