Friday, 6 September 2013

Yikes! It's Vegan MOFO Time Again.

I need to apologize because, while I had signed up for the Vegan Mofo of 2013 (that's vegan Month of Food) I was expecting some kind of confirmation email back. When nothing came, I assumed that the registration didn't work. Until now, while I was scrolling through the list and saw Quirky Vegans there. My bad!

So let me just say, it has been one hectic start to September. My three littles and I just moved from our spacious apartment into a tiny little house and both of my big littles started school again this week. It was only yesterday that I had my computer available and running since Friday of last week. It is good to be back.

My plan for Vegan Mofo this year was to show you a bit of what we are doing for school lunches. It can be a challenge to plan out a well balanced vegan lunch, that also happens to be gluten free! With my sons sensory preferences added into the mix, this should be a great adventure.

I am taking this coming weekend to relax with my littles who are having a rough go transitioning, and realizing that this separation between their father and I will not be changing. In one week, both him and I changed locations, the kids started school after a long absence and we're still settling in. So please excuse my being late to the Mofo fun. I will return to you on Monday complete with photos.

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