Thursday, 19 September 2013

Vegan Mofo - The 100th International Plowing Match

Today I went with my big littles and their school to the 100th International Plowing Match. I believe that agriculture is essential, and am choosing to focus on that side of this event rather than the cruel horrors that I also took notice (and pictures) of. 

Showing off their freshly pressed pins.. "Garden Diva" and "I Love Veggies."

 It was an exhausting, nice but emotional, day. We went to a magic show, were read to by a local library volunteer, saw a lot of tractors and old machinery including a hand water pump, the snowbirds, and Splash n' Boots.. an apparently popular TV duo. There was a lot to take in everywhere we looked, and we didn't see even half of the tents.

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  1. That is some massive pumpkins! Just think what you could cook with those beauties! You could feed an entire village! #:)