Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Vegan Mofo - Tuesday Lunch

Yesterday was my Mom's birthday, so I went to visit her. While I was there I met up with a cousin who came over under less than celebratory conditions. In all of the chaos, I still have not gotten groceries. 

Luckily, my Mom made the kids that fantastic banana bread (gluten free, vegan) over the weekend. What a life saver! So pictured from left to right, then top to bottom is rice crackers, fruit to go treat, celery (and hummus), chocolate soy milk, banana bread and an applesauce.

I really like to give them more fruit and vegetables in their lunches. This can be a challenge because many fruits brown over time and once that has set in, my son will not touch the fruits! I have tried using a bit of lemon juice on sliced apples to slow down the process but find that you can really taste the lemon. It's days like today that I really wish they allowed nuts in the schools.

Tomorrow at school it is "pizza day." So tonight we will be using these gluten free pizza crusts that I picked up with that cheesecake mentioned in a previous post. I'm going to make an extra one just for lunch tomorrow. I was overjoyed to find the pizza crusts and if you've ever attempted vegan, gluten-free baking you'll know why! I find gluten-free baking is a whole new science, and one that I am far from mastering.

To be continued..

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