Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Cheap Meals, Good Eats

My husband makes a wicked dish that is his go-to every time for events such as pot lucks and having company. Do you know what it is? Shepherd's Pie! Sometimes he makes it round in a spring-form pan, and sometimes he bakes it as a square. No matter what it's shape, this shepherd's pie is always spectacular!

I do not know the full extent of his recipe, and dare not ask - for a magician never tells his secrets. I do know however, that it includes celery, carrots, onions, garlic, a lot of potates, and in this particular version lentils and split peas done up like refried beans! O.M.G I LOVE refried beans. My favorite version of his sheperd's pie yet. It might not look completely pretty; all flowers and rainbows, but it had fantastic flavor. 

The second best part? It is really inexpensive to make, and stretches for a long way. We are a family of five (though only four of us actually consume food stuff) and this will last us each about three meals! Maybe some day I will convince him to write this recipe down, but that day is not today. You are SOL people.
*-insert evil laughter here-*

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