Thursday, 18 October 2012

Penny Stretcher

A few days ago I posted about the things that we purchased at the market. What I did not mention in that post, was the cost. One of those big containers of soup that would only feed two adults (and leave us hungry for more) is $11.00

To some of you, that may not seem like much. But when you can buy tomato soup in a can for less than $1.00 and it feeds us even more than that container, it is. Though since having home made soup, tomato soup in a can is really, really gross.

Either way, we can't afford to just single serve that soup and buy it weekly. So tonight, I used it a different way.

It could really use some garnish, right?

Around 14 years ago I took my first and only plane ride, out to B.C. I still vividly remember the food that I was served on that plane. I was always a finicky eater, and I remember being really nervous about the meal that they would serve. I remember even at the tender age of eleven, being blown away by the flavours. It was chicken (I know, lets pretend I said tofu because that tastes much better) and cream of celery soup over rice. It very quickly became my favorite meal and I asked my parents to make it often.

What I did not know at the time, was that this one meal would teach me about being even more resourceful. Don't have enough soup to go around? Abracadabra, it's sauce instead! A container of soup fit for two, transformed and served five. Do you want to hear the very best part? There is still half of the soup left over, even after double servings. Sauce for another night, soup for one, or something else? I guess we shall wait and see.

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