Monday, 15 October 2012

I Love Cabbage!

Cabbage is spectacular! It can build muscle, has cancer fighting compounds, can soothe aching breasts for nursing mothers, is sweet, juicy and full of antioxidants.You can eat it as a wrap, in a soup, salad, or be like my children and eat cabbage "cookies." Which is really just large chunks of raw cabbage to munch on.

And, it looks so pretty!

Once you are done admiring the beauty that a cabbage witholds you can chop it up, blanch it, and freeze it!

It may not look as pretty, but it is still full of rich colour, and rich nutrients!

Cabbage Tip: Eating raw cabbage will not cause that embarassing gas issue that so many experience. It is when you cook cabbage that it can clear a room!

Something else that is magical about a cabbage? When you are done blanching it for the frigid North Pole or boiling it, you are left with a pot full of purple potion. Oh yes, it is a secret, magical potion. For that potion will turn any normal dish into a spooky, fun dish of purple potion rice!

AKA "Hulks Blood Rice" (thank you again, the Cave Man and his Ape Boy).

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  1. I love cabbage to. Red, white, doesn't matter, it's all good! And so cheap.