Thursday, 25 October 2012

Everybody Loves Chili

Well, everybody but my Mom, and my kids. And so far, I have not made a yummy chili yet. I have made a lot of yummy "well, it's not really chili, but it is some kind of soup/mash/mystery pot of.. what did you say that was again?"

But here I was, really dying for some chili that doesn't taste like a garbage can. So I used some ideas from a few different chili's that I have enjoyed, and you know what? It actually kind of rocked! The only trick was how in the world will I get my texture sensitive boy to eat it?

I knew that he was beginning to really enjoy salsa. Before, the sight of something red that wasn't tomato soup would send him screaming. Same thing with beans, there was no way that boy even wanted to see a bean, forget about eating it! Though, he was beginning to enjoy refried beans in salsa, black bean brownies, and even enjoys hummus on a regular basis.

Every kid loves to dip. Small bowls of chili, with some lovely organic corn tortilla chips. Now, don't get all confused. They did not eat the chili. Tiny Twirler and Ape Boy both relished in the dipping process, but refused to scoop and left their plates chip-less and the bowls nearly full. I still consider it a win-win. Good homemade chili, and both of the big wee ones enjoyed some. Victory!

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