Saturday, 13 October 2012

The Best Part

What is the best part about being a vegan? Raising vegan children. Our children are proud, happy, healthy and everybody praises them where ever we go. They dream big, they are mini activists of their own free will, and are each very unique. Here are some of my favorite pictures of them munching down on raw foods.

Tiny Twirler over two years ago.

Ape Boy 2011

Tiny Twirler 2011

Ape Boy 2012

Tiny Twirler and Ape Boy 2012

Wee Piglet munching trees.

Wee Piglet after playing with some dates.

So this is a picture heavy Vegan Mofo contribution, but it could be so much more. I have pictures on my phone that I look at and think "Oh! I went into the wrong business." However, I can not transfer them to the world wide web. Thank you for that, technology and consumerism.


  1. Ah jeez. I am a sucker for cute vegan kids eating food! They look like wonderful little people.

    Also, does the side of your wagon slide down? That is a really good idea if so!

  2. Actually, it lifts right off! I have special plans for our wagon. I'll post about it next summer!