Sunday, 28 October 2012

Fast food is slowly killing us, says Hirad Zafari, who’s calling on students across Ontario to boycott unhealthy foods for the month of November.
Zafari, president of the Ontario Student Trustees Association, is making the request as part of a campaign to raise awareness about childhood obesity and the negative health impacts of eating fast food.
Zafari’s initiative is titled, “Stick it to fast food,” and features a playful logo of a fork giving the finger.
“We’re the first generation that’s expected to have shorter life spans than our parents,” said Zafari, 17. “We need to put aside the temptation and use logic to stop because these foods are actually killing us.”

I love this. A student, reaching out to the citizens of the world to create change. THIS is what I am all about. It is people like these students that give my passion the fuel it needs to keep going. Boycott fast food for the month of November. Do it, they're brilliant.

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