Thursday, 4 October 2012

Mamma Does the Can-Can!

So yesterday we spoke a little bit about freezing. Actualy, today my husband chopped and froze 12 pineapples for later use. But today I need to tell you, some things are better in a jar.

After I blanched the carrots, and used the same water to blanch the potatoes, I did a major fridge clean out. I took all of those bits and pieces from my fridge (you know, that just about too floppy celery and slightly wrinkled bell pepper) and threw them in the water also. Then I boiled that sucker right down. After scooping out all of the slightly expired produce do you know what I ended up with? Lovely broth.

And since I was on a roll (speaking of roll, check out the Vegan MoFo Blogroll here) I decided to continute with my canning (jarring) experience. After all, I had some lovely un-hot peppers to use up.

*Note: Un-hot peppers are so-called jalepeno peppers bought from a farmers market by the bushel basket for my Dad's famous spicy hot relish, but they are more of a cross bred pepper between a sweet bell and jalepeno. They were not at all spicy, and therefore he "donated" them to me.

I had some other stuff to use up too, like those onions I spoke about in my last post, and tomatoes kindly given to us at our last vegan potluck, by a very interesting and wise man named Udo.

Then I added some really, very hot peppers from our garden. Real jalepenos, and hungarian wax peppers. I did not want to fuss around with these babies.

Then some of it in the pot.. but I needed to use a potato masher to mash it all down and fit the rest in!

But alas, the salsa was snug and cozy in six big jars.

Speaking of food and Vegan Mofo, October 1st to the 7th is Breastfeeding Week! Our local Early Years Center, Breastfeeding Buddies Group had a celebration. There were super cute cookies with icing to look like boobs (which I did not eat, as I'm sure they were not vegan friendly). We were taught some baby sign language. The sign for "milk," "more," and "all done!" was enjoyed by all. I nursed our wee piglet, other Mamma's nursed their little ones, it was a good time. They even had a wee give away! I took a picture of mine.

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